Drinks on the House

Posted on June 02, 2016 by dana gibson | 0 Comments

                       As the summer season approaches, a favorite passtime is sharing  cocktails and wine with guests and family. For the new home owner, a designated area with liquor, wine, soft drinks and mixers is  just what's needed to break the ice.


                               Last week Real Simple published a story geared especially toward new homeowners and offered tips on Seven First Apartment Essentials.  Lighting, fresh paint and linens were definitely on the Must Start With list.  Along with making the place comfortable, a hip bar cart is, to me, essential  for any new house.

                 My friend  Roxy at Society Social  has got the bar cart down flat.  She started her business only a few years ago with this single household item.  She now offers sofas chairs, tables and more. Everything she does is chic. Below is one of my favorite Society Social pieces.


                    I grew up in the seventies so any occasion was a reason for an "Old Fashioned" or a  "Dubonnet on Ice". Below is one of my absolute favorite pics from House Beautiful.  Doubling as a desk this bar looks as though it was deftly cobbled together on a whim for surprise guests!  It doesn't hurt that the wall behind is covered in a leafy chintz and the lamp is lacquer  black.  This bar is the epitome of  sophistication. 


                    Not every bar needs to be maximalist like this. A simple cart from Target or Ikea can hold your favorite mixers, wine and glasses.  The point is that unwinding over a refreshing drink is as  important a part of the day as breakfast or dinner.  Designating a spot can be as simple as loading up a wicker tray with the essentials or as elaborate as a mahogany bar in a paneled den.






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