The Swinging Sixties

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         Introducing Haslam


When naming new products, I tend to choose something fairly obvious so I won't  forget.  When I first started my business it was easier. A vase embellished with a jonquil flower was called "Jonquil Vase".  A lamp with poppies, "Poppy".  Now I have a slew of products and the name remains as important as ever.  A new batch of wares has just arrived and I'm calling it Haslam.  Haslam  is named after the great decorator Nicky Haslam, known for sumptuous and impeccably tasteful interiors. Mr Haslam's star rose about the same time as the swinging sixties. It is this period of go go abandon and a ferocious desire to have a good time that served as his work's  backdrop.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              



Haslam may well have been a decorator to the millionaires. His rooms are  as well appointed today as they were then with fine antiques and high end fabrics.  While the sixties was a period of saucy irreverence and a rampant, devil may care attitude abounded, the landed gentry were still enjoying their cocktails on their terraces and relaxing in their private libraries.  I can't help but think that this celebrated decorator had a lot of fun on the side too. He was a master at taking what is old and refined and making it new.




Haslam is a graphic design in the spirit of the sixties. Bold, golden strokes and pops of color play up a simple shape.  A Haslam in Lime lamp will enliven an ornate floral sofa.  A Haslam in Brown Tray on a shiny mahogany table will glisten.  It makes me think of a time of glorious beauty while an underbelly of excitement and unrest roiled beneath.



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