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Posted on January 09, 2016 by dana gibson | 1 Comment

It probably isn't noticeable to anyone else, but I've been veering neutral.  I realized this for the first time the other day.  My bedroom is all white with pops of blue and orange. My kitchen and bathroom  are white with some pops.  Just recently I completed the living room and guess what the dominant color is?  White of course.  There is a nice saturated yellow  on the wall and some creamy greys but something felt  "missing" and it  struck me just what that was the other day.

 Like a bee to honey, I am drawn to color.  My heart races when I stumble across a magnificent blue.  Pink  also moves me. The colors of a plum or a peach  are lovely, especially when sliced open .  I love the unabashed use of color by artisans in countries  like Mexico and Bhutan.  When I came across the image below in a recent House Beautiful, I could practically hear my heart thumping.



For the past few years I have been bowing to the design gods and suppressing my natural inclinations to use color in my own home!  My living room, lovely as it is, is a bit of a calculated combination of yellow, pink and grey. Which is not a bad thing. I've been saying for years that neutrals  are a great place to start a redo. But when I woke up the other morning I could just tell something was missing.  A room with out color is like a picture of balloons in black and white. The exuberance that color brings, be it a festival , pageant or a room was not there.   I had been too careful.  It was time to have a little fun.


The first remedy that came to mind was a print I developed years ago.  It blends beautifully with so many patterns and adds the punch bowl effect I think I am after. Below is the  photo shopped  "after" version. 



   Color is such en essential part of what I do as an artist and as a designer. It always has been. I've  learned a lot about why someone would choose the soothing tones of a neutral room.  But it is never too late to layer in some color.  The choice is yours. And I choose color. 










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February 03, 2016

I’m wondering in which issue the image with the pale rosy-orange walls was. I’m loving that soft orange…I linked to your blog from this image. Thank you.

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