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I'm heading to NYC for another trade show this week and I thought I'd bring along a chair to give my booth a residential feel.  I painted the chair below for the sole purpose of adding a little excitement to the display.  .



Sometimes the best way to hone a new design is actually putting it to use.   I'd used this design on a number of smaller surfaces but never in a 27" or so repeat.  After painting the pattern on this chair, I realized  the  pattern needed further definition.



Look closely  at the pleated lampshade and you can see there are only two shades of blue.            

So I added stripes in a a deep indigo which definitely gives the design  depth.



It's always important to try a new design out in real life to see what does and doesn't work.

Along with giving you a little peak in to my artistic journey, I wanted to share how easy this was.  Although I'm all about using beautiful fabric for upholstery and curtains, sometimes in a pinch and if the budget does not allow expensive yardage, making something on your own is a good option.   

 A kind friend introduced me to some very affordable dining chairs at World Market. They're great for casual use and we have a few like this around the studio.  



I'd been meaning to paint a fun print on the solid linen seat so with the trade show looming and the desire to make the biggest splash possible  in a ten by ten space, I dug my heels in.  

I started by opening up a can of white primer.


Any water based primer will do.   I used large brushes to brush a coat of primer on to the grey linen fabric creating a blank white canvas for  me to apply my design.  I used smaller brushes to edge the paint and also to paint the design later. Some people might tape off  the wood frame  but I'm not that particular.  When I smeared or dripped a bit of paint on the frame, I used a damp cloth to wipe it off.

While not everyone is in the business of making patterns, adapting  a favorite design that is simple also works.  One of my favorite pics on my Pinterest board is this one with dining chairs upholstered in what look like Mexican serapes.  


The dog is pretty cute too!

Even a bold multi stripe would be beautiful and so easy. Here's a quick sketch.


Life is an empty  canvas.  Paint!




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