Ode to the Vase

Posted on June 23, 2016 by dana gibson | 2 Comments

    Have you noticed that Farmhouse Chic is all the rage these days.  I am the very first to jump on this trend and escape city living  for a simpler life.  Marie Antoinette is probably the most celebrated person choosing exile over the demands of the everyday. As I've mentioned before, my husband and I bought a cottage on a river and weekends there are like playing house.  I sweep the floor.  Hand wash dishes (although we have a dishwasher) and change sheets probably twice a season because we're only there on weekends.  I don't even mind doing laundry!  The decor is rustic, mixed with glamorous touches.  So when I decided to design  a vase for my Summer '16 Collection, I also decided to call it the Farm Vase; a  bright, chic complement for the most rustic of abodes.             


     My mother has exquisite vases which  I still covet: a lovely blue blown glass bottle and a cut crustal one I've adored since I was little.   In high school I read the poem Ode to A Grecian Urn.  I'm sure others of you remember this. Keats celebrates the immortality of figures etched into the urn's surface. Throughout the centuries, vases have been  a classic, decorative  element and once were considered the  highest form of  art. In a room that isn't used much like a guest room or a formal living room, a vase of fresh flowers is just the thing to beckon your guests in. 



          Different shapes are ideal for different flowers. I like a stubby vase for a posy of flowers.  Tall narrow vases hold long stemmed flowers.  A vase is the most  purposeful when it is holding flowers but vases do have other uses.  They are decorative in book shelves. In tablescapes, they can add a splash of color.  (See below)  Some people collect similarly shaped vases for a sculptural statement.  



           Another function of the humble vase is using them at place settings at a wedding or other important celebration.  My pen cups have traveled as far as Lake Como to celebrate some very special nuptials.


        But purchasing  so many vases, no matter what your price range, can be expensive.  I thought this was a nice idea when budgets are a consideration.


       Over the years I've designed some lovely vases that I hope will be cherished  and handed down. When in doubt turn a vase into a lamp.  A lamp is just more functional.  I'm not naming names, but I know a few individuals who have a closet full of vases!   When it comes down to it though, the simple activity of filling a favorite vase with fresh, colorful flowers is one of the most satisfying tasks of the homeowner. 




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June 23, 2016

Thx so much Sarah!!!

Sarah W.
Sarah W.

June 23, 2016

Love all of your vases! Look forward to this new one in August!!

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