Accessories that Say: Coastal Chic Rather than Kitschy Beach

Posted on May 19, 2021 by Dana Gibson | 0 Comments

It's so exciting when you get to the stage in life when it's time to buy a vacation house.  Young or old, outfitting your second home should be loads of fun. After all, it's time off from the every day. The break you have been waiting for.
While many vacation homeowners are inclined to stay away from what some might consider kitschy- -"Welcome to the Rivah" signs", bouys strung on rope —there is something to be said about coastal accessories that really set the mood for a relaxing and enjoyable water driven vacation.
The sandy wave lamp is a perfect choice for the cottage by the sea. Or consider our new Coral lamps.  Sandy hues and crisp corals  are the great accents for a week long getaway.  
My first inclination when outfitting a new beach or lake retreat is to paint everything white especially if you inherited pine paneling! After the interior is fresh and white, add color. Everywhere.  Paint wooden chairs Kelly green or cerulean blue.  Throw in punches of pink like this favorite new Fish Plaque lumbar. A collage of colorful accessories  not only lifts the mood, it is easy to adapt  and change out seasonally.
  My new fish illustrations are available through Soicher Marin.  I love the vivid colors and pattern found on fish.                       
Even if you don’t live near the ocean or visit a lake house on a regular basis, reminders of these precious vacation moments can be great layers  for your landlocked house.  Fish Ditty is a new design that adds a playful note to the family sitting area. 
Score an oil  at a flea market.  I love the patina  that art adds to even modern rooms.
It's easy to outfit a home by the water because it's usually a blank canvas. You’re  certainly  not using furniture you’ve inherited and most items are there to function.  Setting the mood starts with well chosen accessories. Don’t forget to add beloved pieces that speak to you and your love for watery views.


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