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Sprucing Up and Setting the Holiday Table

Posted on November 22, 2022 by Dana Gibson | 0 Comments

It's never too late to add a little creativity to the holiday table, especially if you are hosting the holidays. 

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Dana Gibson Gift Guide and a Secret

Posted on October 21, 2022 by Dana Gibson | 0 Comments

The holiday season is upon us. And what better way to celebrate the people in our lives that matter most than choosing the perfect gift

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Make A Statement

Posted on October 04, 2022 by Dana Gibson | 0 Comments

Key elements of a room can do the mighty task of Making a Statement.  This item should be commanding and bold and quite often it is oversized.  Implementing  a statement  piece in your decor takes some guts but if the piece looks good to you, you will never regret it.

I love how this multi colored ikat chair takes command of the entire room, adding a jolt of excitement.


To make sure your statement piece will be successful,  there are a few key points.

  • It must be something you love.
  • It should be large and commanding
  • It could, but not always, break some "design rules".

Some examples of  statement pieces that can make (or break) a room are a large scale print, a saturated pair of lamps, commanding pillows or a sculptural item like a sleek bathtub in a bathroom or a giant horse sculpture in your living area.  Paint is another way to add some oomph.  I love  how this cupboard is painted a shocking pink in an otherwise subdued kitchen.       

In the world of fabrics there is a category called statement prints. These are typically intricate patterns, a bit over-scale,  imaginative and over the top.  Manuel Canovas has some of my favorites. I'm sure you have a favorite or two.  Statement prints like these guide you in choosing the other fabrics and textures for a room. 

Lately I've been seeing larger pieces of furniture, like sofas and club chairs, upholstered in neutrals or solids. The excitement is introduced though pillows or another interesting accent piece.  It would be smart to invest in  a couple of yards of your favorite --and perhaps out of reach-- fabric and cover a small bench or make a pair of pillows to spice up a   room. 

Every room should have at least one statement piece and more if the dimensions can handle it.   Not everything should scream "look at me, look at me".  While I love the statement making lamp or pillow I also  offer a large selection of quieter pieces  that  act in a supportive role to  aid in a room's elegance and overall appeal.  The Devon Lamp in a whispery grey is a soft accent I'd mix with something more dynamic like this new pattern , Fiesole.



Dana Gibson Devon Lamp in Grey with Grey Thumb Print Shade

Some other examples of how and where to introduce a statement piece are via art, accent pillows and lighting         


Dana Gibson Fish Triptyque

Leopard Lumbar in Pink


Dana Gibson, Delilah Pillow in Chartreuse


What I am Loving

Posted on September 20, 2022 by Dana Gibson | 1 Comment

Unexpected, even hedonistic touches, heal the soul. 

Here are some of our favorite home decor items at Dana Gibson, based on our trip to Ireland. 

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What is Seconds Quality?

Posted on August 16, 2022 by Dana Gibson | 0 Comments

"Seconds" quality is a term used to describe  products that have small flaws and defects that are cosmetic only. Many times, the defect is barely noticeable and only a discerning eye would recognize the flaw.  We inaugurated a Year Round Sample sale during Covid since people who normally visited our outlet shop couldn't.  Items are generally 20-40% off retail. We would never send out an item that was truly defective or in terrible shape.  We have some that fall into this category here at the outlet and customers are welcome to take them home if they want.  We only ship out the best quality 2Q so everyone stays happy.


Green Ming Wastebasket 2ndQ

Bamboo in Parsi Green Frame 2ndQ

Our product is made out of sheet metal and cast aluminum. The most common flaws are minor dents which can be seen only at one angle and when the light hits it just so.  Another issue may be one side of a cachepot or jar has a scratch we can't fix.  Once the item lives in your home, you won't notice the flaw that makes it both unique and affordable.


Dana Gibson Coral in Navy Cachepot, 2ndQ

As well as  featuring 2Q category products in our Year Round Sample Sale, we have some items that are either discontinued or one of a kinds.  All of the furniture is professionally upholstered and refurbished antiques.


Bamboo in Navy Picture Frame by Dana Gibson 2ndQ

Looks a Lot Like Art or LALA

Posted on August 16, 2022 by Dana Gibson | 0 Comments

I've always had a great affinity for objects.  In my early twenties, I discovered hole in the wall flea markets and pop up antique shows and  still cherish some of the treasures I snagged. Below, the two painted bowls and a brown transfer ware dish add some character to a bathroom shelf with bold wallpaper.               

As long as I can remember I have been on the hunt for home decor.  Do you remember the interior of  Barbara Eden's genie bottle?  Home to me should feel like that-- a sumptuous den dressed in colorful silks and golden threads.  And what better way to dress your own  house than collecting beautiful objects that bedazzle the eye.                      

Once when the budget was tight-which was the norm in my 20s- I dragged a busted up sign  to hang on the wall for decor.  It  resembled "Art" Id seen at the Chrysler museum in North Carolina . Later I learned the term LALA or Looks A lot Like Art.  While the pedigree may not be there, the visual satisfaction of hanging something that speaks to you on the wall is a move in the right direction. If you like it, its a treasure and you didn't have to break the bank.                         

After several years I decided  to make my own Objects des Arts.  I experimented in ceramics and grew that into a  bustling business importing tole ware and creating fabrics.  Above you can see a whimsical folk art sculpture mingling with our Modern Art Bowl still in production.  Found objects like these add life to the simple white room. So whether browsing  for antiques or scoping out new products in boutique stores, if its truly meant for you , you will circle back, like I did. and make that purchase. The beautiful   Stallion platter by John Robshaw  below was a reach but it is art I still adore.



Accent Walls and Other Thoughts

Posted on August 16, 2022 by Dana Gibson | 1 Comment

Whoever came up with the accent wall?  It's definitely cheaper and I'm  certainly guilty of an accent wall or two myself.  Think of large lobbies and a solid orange wall behind the front desk. Or a hunting scene marking the spot where "Check In" happens.  Accent walls are directional for sure  but the rest of the room looks forgotten. This trend I think is dying.  The beauty of enrobing an entire room in a wallpaper or single  color is so much more gratifying. The room is finished- a fait accompli.

No one does wallpapering an entire room better than Cathy Kincaid.  I drool when I see her rooms. Everything about them is inviting. The decor draws you in.  I don't think  Cathy Kincaid would be caught dead with only one wall papered. 

In a year or so I plan to offer a new collection of coordinating wallpapers and prints. Its great to find a wallpaper you love but can you put your fingers on a coordinating fabric?  When I worked with Stroheim I learned a thing or two about what makes a collection of fabric and wall covering successful.  Did you know small prints are some of the hardest patterns to find in the market place?  There are tons of statement prints-- designs that span 27"  --plus  florals and stripes but small prints that are multi directional are few and far between.

Recently faced with the dilemma of finding a particular small print that would suit the fresh, summer cottage look I was after, I decided to create  one myself.  This design is called Orchard and comes in  Green and Blue below.  This simple design of lilting sprigs was just what we were looking for to slip cover a pair of barrel chairs.


Orchard in Blue Yardage

Orchard in Green Yardage

Larchmont Yardage

It would also be a soothing wall covering in the spirit of Laura Ashley.  The success of that brand has a lot to do with color and small prints and nodding to a simpler way of life.  

So when "Creating a Room", it's smart to think of how all the parts will relate. My advice is to dive in. Don't dip your  toe. And covering all four walls with a print or color is the best way to start.

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