How to Shop for Treasures to Give Your Rooms That Punch

Posted on July 21, 2022 by Dana Gibson | 0 Comments

To my mind, antiques are the backbone of any "well appointed home".  They symbolize a continuity of family life, one heirloom handed down from generation to generation.  And you don't have to always  inherit antiques..  Perusing the well stocked "shelves" of  1st Dibs and Chairish is a perfect start. I've found so many great things on Etsy as well.

The first thing you need to know is the name of  what you are looking for .  The right term will narrow your search.  As a child I spent Sundays on my grandmother's back lawn in metal chairs. Im on the hunt for lawn furniture now. I recently  learned the chairs were designed by Francois Carre which yielded a plethora of results  when I went on my search.

Francois Carre Sunburst Arm Chairs - a Pair For Sale                                         Boucheroite or Aubusson?  :Louis the 15th or 16Th? Your search will be more successful if you use the correct term.

Blending old and new is what some of my favorite designers and retail customers do best.  Bunny Williams has a line of home decor called Treillage inspired by  classics from years gone by.  I have my eye on the below urn for my fireplace mantel. Mixing old with new is what I do throughout my hose.



Bunny Williams Home                            

Dana Gibson in House Beautiful  

Scouting for beautiful antiques is also  how a lot of my designs originate.  My  popular tea caddy lamp is modelled after  beautifully painted  tea caddies abundant in the 19th century. These comely items were  turned into lamps at the turn of the century and are sought after today for their rarity and beauty.

                Bristow in Green Tea Caddy Lamp by Dana Gibson

Rare Antique Tea Caddy Lamp                       Dana Gibson Bristow in Green Tea Caddy Lamp

Last week I was in Atlanta and spoke with many antique dealers who regularly  mix my new wares with their antique finds.  Because I have a deep fondness for artisan handmade items, my line adds just the right touch  of newness to rooms. In my pink curtained living room, the Modern Art bowl rests on the modern  coffee table adding a splash of color.



 Modern Art Bowl                                               Pink basket from Amazon 

The worst is when only period furniture is used and bric a brac abounds. Too many antiques and faded florals is not always a good thing. The same could be said of modern decor.  A strictly modern room lacks life and to me seems sterile.  All it takes is one great accent-like a Gustavian desk or a great picture to bring it to life.


In summary, choose unique items that speak to you and sprinkle them like sugar crystals to add magic to your house. 



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