Contrasting Elements Add Interest

Posted on March 30, 2023 by Dana Gibson | 0 Comments

They say “opposites  attract” but opposing elements in addition  have a tendency to make things interesting. Think yin and yang. Sharp lines with curvy ones. When decorating rooms, it's important to mix dissimilar elements  so that each brings out the best in the other.
Contrasting elements is always a strong move when decorating a room.  A Palladium chandelier mixed with bold contemporary art act as foils, amplifying the beauty of each design. Using items from different style periods  or a competing color family in the same room is a great way to create excitement and interest.
Period portraits certainly  introduce character into modern rooms.  Elizabeth Mayhew's pared down Gustavian dining room would not be half as special if the art was not there.  This irreverent art injects a jolt  of humor and  grace that makes this room stand out. 
For similar portraits, check out Jackie Von Tobel Art
Here, a different style portrait enlivens an elegant yet traditional living room. Rife with color, the image nods to Matisse interiors depicting a collision of color and pattern. The room, by contrast, is sedate.                           

Click here for Madeline and Maude Portraits

This zebra is the number one reason a dramatic dining room like this one is such a success. I also like the cactus centerpiece. It's not what you would expect. Likewise, the Large Leopard Print is a fashionable backdrop for the antique pendant in a minimalist foyer.

Click Here for Leopard Series Print -Pink

I love the colorful art and pillows set in a subdued blue room. They are the opposite accent choices of what you might expect.

Large bold pillows are worth every penny you pay.  Choose solids in a contrasting hue as shown here above. Or pick a bold print like these pillows we just introduced.  Printed on chunky Belgian Linen, the image falls off the edge as opposed to Granny florals.         

Click Here for Camilla Pillow

And finally, this dining room in the home of  John Oetgen and John Lineweaver illustrates exactly what I mean about the power of mixing contrasting elements in a room. The chandelier and chairs are decided "of a period"   but the art and colorful sculptures make the room so striking. 



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