Looks a Lot Like Art or LALA

Posted on August 16, 2022 by Dana Gibson | 0 Comments

I've always had a great affinity for objects.  In my early twenties, I discovered hole in the wall flea markets and pop up antique shows and  still cherish some of the treasures I snagged. Below, the two painted bowls and a brown transfer ware dish add some character to a bathroom shelf with bold wallpaper.               

As long as I can remember I have been on the hunt for home decor.  Do you remember the interior of  Barbara Eden's genie bottle?  Home to me should feel like that-- a sumptuous den dressed in colorful silks and golden threads.  And what better way to dress your own  house than collecting beautiful objects that bedazzle the eye.                      

Once when the budget was tight-which was the norm in my 20s- I dragged a busted up sign  to hang on the wall for decor.  It  resembled "Art" Id seen at the Chrysler museum in North Carolina . Later I learned the term LALA or Looks A lot Like Art.  While the pedigree may not be there, the visual satisfaction of hanging something that speaks to you on the wall is a move in the right direction. If you like it, its a treasure and you didn't have to break the bank.                         

After several years I decided  to make my own Objects des Arts.  I experimented in ceramics and grew that into a  bustling business importing tole ware and creating fabrics.  Above you can see a whimsical folk art sculpture mingling with our Modern Art Bowl still in production.  Found objects like these add life to the simple white room. So whether browsing  for antiques or scoping out new products in boutique stores, if its truly meant for you , you will circle back, like I did. and make that purchase. The beautiful   Stallion platter by John Robshaw  below was a reach but it is art I still adore.





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