A Winter Affair

Posted on January 05, 2023 by Dana Gibson | 0 Comments

Pheww and they are off!  I spent the morning checking and double-checking new products for Atlanta's trade show which starts next week! I'm ashamed to say I tend to leave things to the last minute, especially when they involve decision-making.  Introducing new products can be stressful as fashions change and it's always, in the end, a calculated guessing game. Thankfully in the world of home decor the changes are not as swift as in apparel. New colors creep in and out of fashion and products once very popular, are not so popular anymore.  

One example of this is my favorite shade of orange,  persimmon, and it is finally making a comeback.  For half a dozen years, no one touched it.  Color is just one thing that changes in the home decor market. The rise of totes and travel bags was steady and quick for a while there but seems to have cooled off.  What am I bringing to market this year?  As Spring is getting closer, there will be plenty of colors (which is expected for me as I’m not a fan of  drab and unremarkable interiors).  I'll be introducing a new Jacobean-type design on jars and pillows called Jabo.  See below.


Medium Ginger Jar, Fleck in Green by Dana Gibson

Dana Gibson Medium Ginger Jar in Chintz
Dana Gibson Green Bedford Ginger Jar, Small

This design nods to classical motifs but it is presented on up-to-the-minute decor like jars and throw pillows. Multi-colored accents like these are just what is needed to add that spark of joy.

My Tulip in the Blue pattern will make a repeat debut as this design is "made" for Spring decor. 

Tulip on White Pillow                        

If tulips are the mascots of Spring, mushrooms in pretty colors may also remind you of my very favorite season.  These colorful mushrooms add a jolt of color and pattern. 

Dana Gibson Mushroom Pillow                    


The Gem Palace Lamp, which makes a nod to colorful cut stones, is a wonderful graphic to mix in with any florals or busy patterns. 


The Gem Palace Lamp will come in four colors-- for every room-- including a neutral.


Finally, my new King and Queen of Poppies art prints for Grand Image will be arriving soon.  These stunning portraits hang side by side with other colorful new art for  Grand Image. New Art is showing at Codarus in Dallas as well as Atlanta. For those of you attending the market, the Atlanta show starts Tuesday, Jan 10th, and continues through to the following Monday. Hope I see you!

Dana Gibson King and Queen of Poppies, A Set




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