Sprucing Up and Setting the Holiday Table

Posted on November 22, 2022 by Dana Gibson | 0 Comments

Like everyone this week, I'm busy  sprucing up.  My family and I are hosting my in laws from out of town complete with 9 cousins and 4 sets of parents.  We are moving furniture around, addressing  final details on our unfinished porch plus making beds  today and tomorrow.  In the midst of all that, I thought I would pull together a few of my favorite table setting ideas and discuss some of  the gorgeous  details.                             

How fun is this table ring solution above in a rich sumptuous velvet.  Velvet in any form  is ideal for the holidays. If you are handy, stitching these bows up shouldn't be too hard.  For a quicker solution, our bamboo napkin rings  (below) can be shipped to arrive  for the next holiday feast. Available in all four colors.         

Table Toppings


Dana Gibson Bamboo Napkin Rings in Green

Dana Gibson Fleck Napkin in Green/Set of 4

I love colored glassware so adding tumblers to a table setting  like the designer below in sweet vibrant hues is always festive.                                

A rich tapestry inspired table cloth is just the right note for the holiday table.  This one above  is available from Cabana Magazine. This presents as a  warm and toasty table.

Hostesses on the run might lean toward paper napkins. Caspari has a great selection.  My design Savannah for Caspari is just out and making a splash. Hop over to their site for more                     

One entertaining idea I've always loved  is moving the table to an unexpected location.  Why not near the hearth? Or in a great hall?  Or in a booklined library like the photo below? Plein air festivities are also always special so if the weather is right, set your table outside.


And finally, don't be afraid to mix patterns.  Play around with quilts,  fabric yardage--anything you might have around your house.  Here we pulled a painted chair next to a spotty table cloth. The wallpaper is actually yardage push pinned to the wall.                                              

Medium Bamboo Candlesticks in Navy

Tall Bamboo Candlesticks in White

Canton in Blue Oval Tray by Dana Gibson



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