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Key elements of a room can do the mighty task of Making a Statement.  This item should be commanding and bold and quite often it is oversized.  Implementing  a statement  piece in your decor takes some guts but if the piece looks good to you, you will never regret it.

I love how this multi colored ikat chair takes command of the entire room, adding a jolt of excitement.


To make sure your statement piece will be successful,  there are a few key points.

  • It must be something you love.
  • It should be large and commanding
  • It could, but not always, break some "design rules".

Some examples of  statement pieces that can make (or break) a room are a large scale print, a saturated pair of lamps, commanding pillows or a sculptural item like a sleek bathtub in a bathroom or a giant horse sculpture in your living area.  Paint is another way to add some oomph.  I love  how this cupboard is painted a shocking pink in an otherwise subdued kitchen.       

In the world of fabrics there is a category called statement prints. These are typically intricate patterns, a bit over-scale,  imaginative and over the top.  Manuel Canovas has some of my favorites. I'm sure you have a favorite or two.  Statement prints like these guide you in choosing the other fabrics and textures for a room. 

Lately I've been seeing larger pieces of furniture, like sofas and club chairs, upholstered in neutrals or solids. The excitement is introduced though pillows or another interesting accent piece.  It would be smart to invest in  a couple of yards of your favorite --and perhaps out of reach-- fabric and cover a small bench or make a pair of pillows to spice up a   room. 

Every room should have at least one statement piece and more if the dimensions can handle it.   Not everything should scream "look at me, look at me".  While I love the statement making lamp or pillow I also  offer a large selection of quieter pieces  that  act in a supportive role to  aid in a room's elegance and overall appeal.  The Devon Lamp in a whispery grey is a soft accent I'd mix with something more dynamic like this new pattern , Fiesole.



Dana Gibson Devon Lamp in Grey with Grey Thumb Print Shade

Some other examples of how and where to introduce a statement piece are via art, accent pillows and lighting         


Dana Gibson Fish Triptyque

Leopard Lumbar in Pink


Dana Gibson, Delilah Pillow in Chartreuse




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