What is Seconds Quality?

Posted on August 16, 2022 by Dana Gibson | 0 Comments

"Seconds" quality is a term used to describe  products that have small flaws and defects that are cosmetic only. Many times, the defect is barely noticeable and only a discerning eye would recognize the flaw.  We inaugurated a Year Round Sample sale during Covid since people who normally visited our outlet shop couldn't.  Items are generally 20-40% off retail. We would never send out an item that was truly defective or in terrible shape.  We have some that fall into this category here at the outlet and customers are welcome to take them home if they want.  We only ship out the best quality 2Q so everyone stays happy.


Green Ming Wastebasket 2ndQ

Bamboo in Parsi Green Frame 2ndQ

Our product is made out of sheet metal and cast aluminum. The most common flaws are minor dents which can be seen only at one angle and when the light hits it just so.  Another issue may be one side of a cachepot or jar has a scratch we can't fix.  Once the item lives in your home, you won't notice the flaw that makes it both unique and affordable.


Dana Gibson Coral in Navy Cachepot, 2ndQ

As well as  featuring 2Q category products in our Year Round Sample Sale, we have some items that are either discontinued or one of a kinds.  All of the furniture is professionally upholstered and refurbished antiques.


Bamboo in Navy Picture Frame by Dana Gibson 2ndQ



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