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If you think wallpaper is making a comeback, you are right!  Striking wallpaper designs are so abundant these days and are widely available from high end and middle of the road merchants like Home Depot and Wayfair.  There are bold papers, bright papers, whimsical, dotty and striped papers.  Some riff on old world patterns. Others are modern with a jaunty vibe. Choosing from such a wide variety can be daunting.

I like to use this excellent design tool in rooms because adding wallpaper is transformative. It can completely change the character or vibe of a room.  From big jobs to small, wallpaper is a fun and easy solution  to design challenges.

At our river house I lined a linen closet with leftover paper remnants.             

 This pattern called Mum, gives the room a garden feel.                     

I like to start by asking myself what kind of feeling do I want to evoke.


It is safe to say, the owner here was going to for a crisp coastal feel.

I used Ditchley panel prints in our master bedroom.  The mood I wanted to create was sumptuous haven, something  enchanting and unexpected.. I still feel as though i am surrounded  by color and  twisting limbs and that the space feels almost like a bejeweled forest. The feelings a wallpaper can evoke is priceless.

There are a few considerations before hopping on the wallpaper band wagon.

Its a Commitment 

Wallpaper is not for the commitment phobe. Expense aside, if you  don't plan to live in your space for  more than 5 years its probably not  worth the investment. I used Ditchley panels in our master bathroom and I have had no regrets.  A total reno was not in the plans but adding this wallpaper made the room much more than what it had been before -a white box. When considering my choices I wanted the space to feel enchanting and unexpected. Eventually we will retile the floor and update  the fixtures but this fix for now works.

Consider the Light. 

If your room is open and large, consider a large, bold scale like this one.


Be Judicious

Wallpaper has quite an impact so be careful about going overboard. My best advice is to paper less than every other room. More than that and it's going to look like a fun house and not everyone's cup of tea. Wallpaper is a personal choice so keep others in mind-like husbands,  kids and guests, when hanging your favorite design.

Try it Out

Live with the paper for a week or so, looking at it in different light. Like paint color, it will change as the light changes. Tape a sample to the wall and "visit" with it for a few days.  Like paint color, wallpaper can change due to light.  

I think of wallpaper like an expensive fashion accessory like an Hermes scarf or statement jewels.  It is going to be memorable.

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