Accent Walls and Other Thoughts

Posted on August 16, 2022 by Dana Gibson | 1 Comment

Whoever came up with the accent wall?  It's definitely cheaper and I'm  certainly guilty of an accent wall or two myself.  Think of large lobbies and a solid orange wall behind the front desk. Or a hunting scene marking the spot where "Check In" happens.  Accent walls are directional for sure  but the rest of the room looks forgotten. This trend I think is dying.  The beauty of enrobing an entire room in a wallpaper or single  color is so much more gratifying. The room is finished- a fait accompli.

No one does wallpapering an entire room better than Cathy Kincaid.  I drool when I see her rooms. Everything about them is inviting. The decor draws you in.  I don't think  Cathy Kincaid would be caught dead with only one wall papered. 

In a year or so I plan to offer a new collection of coordinating wallpapers and prints. Its great to find a wallpaper you love but can you put your fingers on a coordinating fabric?  When I worked with Stroheim I learned a thing or two about what makes a collection of fabric and wall covering successful.  Did you know small prints are some of the hardest patterns to find in the market place?  There are tons of statement prints-- designs that span 27"  --plus  florals and stripes but small prints that are multi directional are few and far between.

Recently faced with the dilemma of finding a particular small print that would suit the fresh, summer cottage look I was after, I decided to create  one myself.  This design is called Orchard and comes in  Green and Blue below.  This simple design of lilting sprigs was just what we were looking for to slip cover a pair of barrel chairs.


Orchard in Blue Yardage

Orchard in Green Yardage

Larchmont Yardage

It would also be a soothing wall covering in the spirit of Laura Ashley.  The success of that brand has a lot to do with color and small prints and nodding to a simpler way of life.  

So when "Creating a Room", it's smart to think of how all the parts will relate. My advice is to dive in. Don't dip your  toe. And covering all four walls with a print or color is the best way to start.



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September 29, 2022

Wholly agree that “accent walls” are dated and jarring. I can understand people wanting pattern and color, who may not be able to afford papering a whole room. Wait, save up, and use that time to find and schedule the best paper hanger you can find (easier said than managed these days…a dying profession that younger people may want to consider taking on….you could make a boatload!). I for one cannot wait to see your new collection and will be now figuring out where to use it :-)

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