Atelier: Prints and Wallcovering

Shop Dana Gibson Prints and wallpaper.  A selection of new prints and wall covering such as Orchards, Larchmont Yardage, Tulip Design, Flavia Fabric, Lotus Wallpaper and Fabric, Pliny Toile, Marrakesh, and more.

These items are made to order and may take 2-6 weeks.

Wallpaper is sold in double rolls.  Coverage for double rolls is 67 square feet. 

If your project requires more than ten rolls, the cost per roll is $195.

Repeat information has been provided so that your installer can give you a quote.

Peel and stick are ideal for smaller jobs like powder rooms, dressing rooms, and behind shelves. It is an easy day project. 

Orchard in Green Yardage
Orchard in Green Yardage from $25.00
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Orchard in Blue Yardage
Orchard in Blue Yardage from $25.00
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Dana Gibson Larchmont Yardage
Dana Gibson Larchmont Yardage from $25.00
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Verdure Tapestry Peel and Stick
Verdure Tapestry Peel and Stick $950.00
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Tulip Design on White
Tulip Design on White from $25.00
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Tulip Fabric in Black
Tulip Fabric in Black from $25.00
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